Rotation Program

**New Program** Starting in 2017W, students applying for the September 2017 intake will be considered for the new Medical Genetics Rotation Program.  Top-ranked applicants, as determined by the Admissions Committee, will be offered the opportunity to participate in this Rotation Program. The Program consists of three nine-week laboratory rotations allowing students a chance to work with different potential supervisors. By the end of the third rotation, students will finalize their research (thesis) supervisor.  Therefore, those students accepted to this Program will not be required to secure the commitment of a research supervisor before they receive acceptance to the Medical Genetics Graduate Program and the University of British Columbia.  However, at the end of their three laboratory rotations, students must finalize the commitment of a research supervisor in order to continue in their MSc or PhD programs.

Who is eligible for the Rotation Program?

  • Canadians, Permanent Residents of Canada, and international MSc and PhD applicants who meet all of the Medical Genetics Graduate Program admission requirements are eligible for the Rotation Program.
  • See the admission requirements for Canadian/USA and International applicants.
  • Successful applicants will have a first class standing in their previous degree; excellent references; and relevant research experience.
  • There is no separate application form for the Rotation Program.

How does the Rotation Program work?

Funding:  Students selected for this Program will receive a Medical Genetics Rotation Program Award of $26,000 for one year (September 2017 – August 2018).  After the first year, the student will receive a stipend of no less than $22,000/year. See Medical Genetics Stipend Support.

Laboratory Rotations:  Each selected student will need to identify (and confirm the agreement of) three supervisors for their rotations. Final research supervisor acceptance is to be arranged at any point prior to May 1.  More details will be provided to students with their offer letters.

Coursework:  As with other students in the Medical Genetics Graduate Program, students in the Rotation Program will be required to take a full course-load of 18 credits over the first two terms of their programs. The Directed Studies course, MEDG 548, fulfills six of these 18 credits.  Rotation Program students will be graded after each rotation by their rotation supervisors and receive a combined grade at the end of their second term.