We are developing and using leading edge methods in single cell biology and single cell genomics, in conjunction with statistics and computational biology, to understand the origins of cancer and cancer drug resistance in patients and model systems.

1) exploring the genetic causes and understanding the clinical presentation of genetic conditions (Long QT Syndrome and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, PBC) p revalent in BC First Nations; 2) exploring the determinants of early Inuit health and infant mortality; 3) understanding the effects of the environment and other determinants on birth outcomes in BC, Yukon, Alberta, and Nunavut.

Caring for people with (or with increased chance of) genetic differences, with a concentration on those that predispose to tumours or differences in sexual development. Clinical research projects that complement patient care. Educational leadership and faculty development.

The overall objective of my program of research is to use a clinical genetics perspective to inform the development of novel biological and non-biological interventions to improve outcomes for individuals with psychiatric disorders and to support their families.