Barbara McGillivray retires after 35 years of service

After 35 years with the Department of Medical Genetics, Dr. Barb McGillivray is retiring from her positions as Medical Director of the Department of Medical Genetics at BC Women’s Hospital and Professor at UBC.

Dr. McGillivray reflects on her career:

“Having medicine as a career goal came very early to me, but making the decision to pursue medical genetics came during the first year of medical school when I spent a summer break with the Department of Medical Genetics. The experience led me to this amazing career. I have been able to meet with a large number of families to provide care, and at times to involve the families in clinical and basic research to better outline and diagnose for management.”

Dr. McGillivray credits many individuals for their mentorship and support, particularly acknowledging her first Medical Director, Dr. Brian Lowry. She also considers her colleagues to be ongoing mentors, as they continue to demonstrate excellence in their own careers.

Dr. McGillivray advises young professional to “choose a career that will continue to excite and push you and to listen and learn from the families.” She hopes that healthcare improvements will “continue to recognize the interaction of research and clinical care.”

Dr. McGillivray retired from Children’s and Women’s Hospital in January. We thank her for her incredible contribution to this organization, our patients and families, and the field of medical genetics.