Teaching Assistant Award


YEAR                    AWARDEE

2022-2023             Amy Inkster

2021-2022            Vanessa Porter

2020-2021            Giulia Del Gobbo

2019-2020            Tiffany Carlaw

2018-2019            Giulia Del Gobbo

2017-2018            Jack Hickmott

2016-2017            Samantha Wilson

2015-2016            Emma Hitchcock

2014-2015            Peter Thompson

2013-2014            Samantha Wilson

2012-2013            Peter Thompson

2011-2012            George Chung

2010-2011            Courtney Hanna

2009-2010            Farah Zahir

The Medical Genetics Teaching Assistant Award was first instituted in 2010 by a group of MEDG 530 students who felt that their hard-working TA (Farah Zahir) deserved to be recognized in a special way. Since then, the term-end students’ evaluation form includes a section for them to recommend (or not) their TA for this distinctive award. Students write comments and rank their TA (on a scale of 1-5) on the following criteria:

  • The TA promoted learning in the course
  • The TA communicated effectively
  • The TA was well-prepared for the course
  • The TA stimulated interest in the course
  • The TA was accessible to students
  • The tutorial sessions were informative
  • The Canvas postings were helpful

Course coordinators are also asked to comment on and rank the TA’s performance of their duties. The Teaching Assistant Award Review Committee is composed of several members of the Research Day Committee. They receive copies of the student and course coordinator evaluations where the identifiers (the TA’s name and course name) have been removed, ensuring an unbiased process of selection.