The UBC staff employee groups within the Faculty of Medicine include: Management and Professional Staff, Technicians (non-union), Secretarial and Clerical Staff (CUPE 2950), Student employees including Undergraduate Academic Assistants & Graduate Academic Assistants and Teaching Assistants, Teaching Assistants (CUPE 2278) .

Process for recruitment of staff:

  • Contact Administrative Clerk or Department Administrator for assistance in developing a job description.
  • Once a job description has been developed, the Administrative Clerk or the Department Administrator will then contact the Faculty of Medicine HR Assistant to have the position classified.
  • The classification of the position will determine employee group and therefore, the applicable salary.
  • The position will then be posted in UBC job postings (some exceptions apply – contact Department Administration for more information).
  • Once the posting is closed, HR will forward the applications.
  • The supervisor/manager will interview applicants, conduct appropriating candidate testing and conduct reference checks. Some helpful hints for interviewing:
    • ALL internal candidates must be considered BEFORE interviewing external candidate
    • Shortlist the candidates you are interested in interviewing; ensure that you keep one clean copy of their resume (as a clean copy is needed for the paperwork to hire someone);
    • Develop your questions, which should be behavioural-based questions, so that you can gather the best information possible; use the same questions for each candidate you interview; record responses;
    • Develop your selection criteria, and assign a weight to each questions to ensure that the process is objective;
    • Request references and call them…don’t rely on just written references
  • All documentation gathered through the process for all applicants (whether interviewed or not) are to be returned to the Department Administration office to be held for one year (per provincial legislation).
  • Once a candidate is selected, the supervisor/manager will be asked to complete a New Employee Form and return it with the resume to the Administrative Clerk for processing.
  • Staff can be hired as either salaried or hourly paid (UBC Hourly Payroll Submission form).