Exposure to the profession of genetic counselling:

We recognize that opportunities to gain exposure to the field may be more limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage applicants to find alternate ways of gaining insight into the field. This can include informational interviews with genetic counsellors across different practice areas, reading the Journal of Genetic Counselling to understand the issues and the research that are active in the field, and online sources such as NSGC, CAGC, Master Genetic Counselor videos and the BCCHR Mini Med School 2016 session on genetic counselling.

Hamilton Regional Clinical Genetics Conference

The 2022 Hamilton Regional Clinical Genetics Conference will be held virtually on February 17, 2022. Current and prospective genetic counselling students are welcome. We recognize that the past couple of years have been particularly difficult for finding relevant experiences to both affirm an interest in the genetic counselling profession, and also strengthen applications. The conference will provide valuable exposure to “hot topics” in our field, and opportunities to liaise with Genetic Counsellors. There is a registration fee of $25, and interested individuals should send an email to

Neurodegenerative Disease Interview Series: Emily Dwosh

As part of the UBC Synapse Neurodegenerative Disease Interview Series, Emily Dwosh recently discussed genetic counselling in the context of Alzheimer disease and other disorders. Watch the interview here.