Canadian / USA Applicants

Admission Requirements:

Applicants are to self-assess their eligibility for the Medical Genetics Graduate Program. A competitive applicant to the MSc or PhD degree programs should meet all of the following:

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Applicants to the Master’s (MSc) degree program must hold the academic equivalent of a four-year Bachelor’s degree from UBC including one of the following:

  • A minimum overall average in the B+ range (76% at UBC) in third- and fourth-year courses.
  • Academic standing with multiple third- or fourth-year courses in the A grade range (80% or higher at UBC) in the field of study (genetics).

Applicants for a Doctoral (PhD) degree program normally hold a Master’s degree with a first class standing and demonstrated evidence of research ability or potential. For more information about GPA requirements for MSc and PhD applicants, see Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies minimum academic requirements.

Academic Prerequisites:

Recent, advanced-level courses in:

  • Genetics
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biostatistics (statistics)

Strongly recommended:

  • Bioinformatics (i.e. MICB 405 or equivalent)

Additional Criteria:

  • Relevant laboratory research experience
  • Excellent references with assessment of research expertise and aptitude

Application Documents:

Applicants upload the following documents to their online application form by the deadline:

  • Statement of Intent
  • Resume
  • Official post-secondary transcripts (issued by the university, not web  transcripts) and include one copy of the grading key (usually found on the back of the transcript).

Applications that are not completed by the deadline will not be reviewed.

See FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for information about:

  • Do you need the commitment of a research supervisor before you apply?
  • What is a competitive application?
  • What you should know before considering applying for the January-start.
  • And much more!