Our mission is to achieve excellence in medical genetics teaching, research, and patient care.


The UBC Department of Medical Genetics seeks to be an inspiring and productive community of scholars; an outstanding provider of knowledge, technical expertise, and compassionate care for our patients; contributors to the scientific advance of our discipline; and a
credible and respected source of information and advice to society at large. While focusing on areas of genetic medicine that we deem to be particularly important, we view diversity of approach and techniques to be an essential strength of our Department.


The following principles will guide us in planning our future:

  • Excellence in all of our teaching and training programmes is central to our mission.
  • Maintaining the high quality of our clinical programme and it’s full integration with our research and teaching activities is imperative.
  • Clinical, laboratory, and epidemiology approaches are complementary methods of solving medical genetics problems.
  • Building on areas of existing strength is an effective way to improve our Department.
  • Collaborations both within an outside our University enhance our own programmes and contribute to those of others.
  • All of our activities must be conducted within an appropriate ethical framework that reflects the rights and responsibilities of patients, students, and colleagues and our obligations to the society in which we work.
  • We have a particular responsibility to communicate and interpret advances in genetics and their potential benefits and limitations to society at large