Faculty Related

a) CV’s

Overview: The Department of Medical Genetics uses a database program to update and manage faculty CV’s. This database is one component of a larger database system called CFAD that was developed specifically for the Faculty of Medicine, following the UBC format. All faculty CV’s are updated and maintained in this database allowing Department Administration to run various queries and reports.

When you are new to Medical Genetics, you will be contacted by Department Administration about formatting your CV into the standard format used in the Faculty of Medicine.

A “Standardization Document” has been developed to use with a Word template for both your CV and Publications for UBC’s and Faculty of Medicine’s format for CV’s. The standardization document provides a fairly comprehensive description of where specific information should be included.

Updating of CV’s:

CV’s should be updated annually in the database and faculty should ensure that the department receives the information to perform these updates. Assistant, Associate and Professor ranks are asked annually to complete an Academic Activities Report which are used to update their CV in the database (in addition to being used for merit and psa recommendations).

Please be sure to contact Department Administration regarding the procedure for providing updates to ensure that these are done in the most efficient and accurate manner.

Department Administration Contact:

For more information or questions about CV’s and the CV database, please contact:

Grace Kam : ubcmedgen@cw.bc.ca or 604-875-3493

b) Merit and PSA

Merit and PSA Recommendation Process – 2006/2007
UBC Department of Medical Genetics

Note: This departmental process is meant to complement the Merit and PSA processes required under the agreement with the Faculty Association (http://www.hr.ubc.ca/faculty-relations/compensation/faculty-salary-increases/merit-and-performance-salary-adjustment/) and the Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Office and to ensure that all eligible faculty are aware of the process within Medical Genetics.

When the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Medicine notifies the Department of the deadline for submission of Merit and PSA recommendations, the department will:

  • notify faculty of the department deadline and the process in the department
  • provide faculty with the Merit Recommendation Individual Worksheet (completed document required by Dean’s Office in order to be considered for Merit) and the department merit and psa process document (a copy of information posted here)
  • provide faculty with the information regarding the Faculty of Medicine Special Merit Awards (link to Faculty of Medicine website to come)
  • provide faculty with the Department “Academic Activities Report” (completed document required in order to be considered for Merit)
  • solicit input from faculty members on merit recommendations for other faculty members in the department
  • request input in the form of written justification from Centre Directors on merit recommendations for Medical Genetics faculty located within those Centres
  • the department head will submit a ranked list of meritorious faculty to the Dean as well as nominations of full time faculty members, including grant-tenured faculty, for special meritorious recognition; the department head will also submit a ranked list of faculty being recommended for PSA
  • the department head will advise Centre Directors whether the faculty in the Centre will be recommended for Merit and/or PSA and where on the Department list the person will be positioned
  • the department head will provide input into merit recommendations for faculty members who are located in other UBC units where their merit recommendations will be considered (including joint appointments where less that 50% of appointment is in Medical Genetics)