Evidence-based Genomic Counselling (MEDG 590)

Offered: Spring Semester (January – April)

Credits: 3

MEDG590: Evidence-based Genomic Counselling

Explore current literature, patient perspectives and best practices for genomic counselling. Gain deep insights into genomic counselling by paralleling the journey of patients and providers in weekly course activities. Subject matter experts lead educational sessions, encouraging thoughtful inquiry and reflection on what it means to be a genomic counsellor, and how best practices are evolving, in both clinical and research settings.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Examine genomic counselling as a specialty. Assess the similarities and differences to genetic counselling.
  2. Critically evaluate genomic test results and reports using various methods.
  3. Appraise guidelines, literature and patient experience to modify the processes of obtaining consent, returning actionable, secondary or incidental findings, and discussing variants of uncertain significance.
  4.  Develop skills for obtaining consent, delivering genome-wide sequencing results, and facilitating the integration of results into a patient’s medic al care and identity, with an awareness of the impact of family communication and cultural beliefs.
  5. Formulate a set of personal best practices for patient care grounded in evidence-based approaches.