Selection Criteria

Candidates are judged on the basis of written applications and interviews by the Residency Program Committee. Candidates are prioritized on the basis of: academic performance, clinical ability, demonstrated interest in clinical genetics, reference letters and interpersonal communication skills.

Personal Letter

A personal letter is required outlining previous experience and course work in genetics, reasons for choosing medical genetics and career goals. This should be submitted with a CV and an application according to CARMS deadlines.


Three (3) letters are required.


Formal interviews will be offered to short-listed candidates after review of the application forms packages. Candidates will be notified by email if selected for interview. Although candidates are encouraged to telephone with questions regarding the program, telephone interviews will not be granted. The candidates will be interviewed, in person, by representatives of the residency training committee as well as a present trainee, during the interview process the candidate will be able to tour the facility. Efforts will be made to accommodate the applicant’s schedule.

Additional Information

Course Calendar description