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Porter, Vanessa Discovery of HPV-associated genomic alterations in cervical cancer


Scott, Erika Elucidating genetic predictors for anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity and cisplatin-induced ototoxicity in pediatric and adult cancer patients to improve patient treatment decisions
Carlaw, Tiffany Therapeutic genome editing for the treatment of genetic diseases: Testing the safety and effectiveness of CRISPR/cas9 therapeutic base editing
Cyrus, Sharri Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 Related Syndromes: Functional Studies of Human Gene Variants in Drosophila
Shortill, Shawn Identification and Functional Analysis of the Endosomal vine complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Schaffner, Samantha Associations of DNA Methylation with Individual Differences in Parkinson’s Disease Susceptibility
Dziurdzik, Samantha Membrane contact site targeting and functions of Vps13 and related bridging lipid transporters
Thomson, Sarah Novel approaches for therapeutic modulation of gene expression in Huntington’s disease
Gibson, Kristen Assessment of biological markers to aid subtype classification in pediatric primary systemic vasculitis
Mirjalili, Zeinab Successful Gene Editing in a Novel Mouse Model of Aniridia Towards Prevention of Blindness
Kumar, Arun Analytic models for carrier sense multiple access networks
Akbari, Vahid Detecting DNA methylation using nanopore sequencing : from genome-wide analysis to haplotype-resolved and parent-of-origin phasing
Jenkins, Kyle Simulating chromoanagenesis for tool development and testing
Cheung, Chun Wai Characterization of DPP4⁺ fibroadipogenic progenitors in skeletal muscle
Lin, Dorothy Dispersed measures of cord blood DNA methylation do not reflect third trimester bisphenol exposure
Sabatino, Brendil Characterization of the transcriptomic response to acute starvation in the C. elegans hypodermis
Adair, Bethany Development of a CRISPR gene correction strategy for aniridia employing a minimally humanized mouse embryonic stem cell-based disease model


Doering, Kelsie The Caenorhabditis elegans nuclear hormone receptor NHR-49 functions in stress response pathway regulation
Eskandari-Nasab, Ebrahim Prosurvival role of CASPASE3 in normal and malignant human mammary cells
Wang, Fangwu Characterization of the lympho-neutrophil/monocyte restriction process in human cells
Ha, Amanda Functional characterization of Mest and its imprinted gametic differentially methylated region.
Hasbullah, Jafar An investigation of the role of pharmacogenetics in the development and prevention of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity
Dawo, Sebastian Salmonella Typhimurium Based Genome-Wide CRISPR/CAS 9 Knockout Screen to Study p16 Degradation
Elazabbi, Nairuz Allele-specific expression differences in the mouse embryonic hindbrain following prenatal alcohol exposure
Theberge, Emilie Investigating sex differences in the polygenic risk of major depressive disorder and shared associations with cardiovascular disease
Horbach Marodin, Rafaela Genetic interactions between cohesin and DNA damage response pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Amitzi, Leanne DDX11 Helicase as a Synthetic Lethal Cancer Therapy Target
Pillsworth, Jessica Adult-Type Granulosa Cell Tumours of the Ovary: A Foxl2-Centric Disease
Newman-Simmons, Avery Investigating the Genetic Contributions to Familial Intracranial Aneurysms in a First Nation from Northwestern British Columbia
Riyadh, Omer Uncovering factors implicated in oncogenic NRAS modification  by analyzing large scale functional genomic data sets
Grant, Peter Investigating Trends in Out-of-Pocket Pay for Out-of-Province Genetic Testing in British Columbia


Refaeli, Ido Generation, characterization and optimization of mouse models for genetic glomerular disease
Dixon-McDougall, Thomas Functionality of domains of XIST and their role in establishing chromosome inactivation
Brown, Joshua  Diverse functions of Rtt107 in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA damage response
Canals Hernaez, Diana Investigation of the Role of Podocalyxin in Cancer Progression and Its Potential as a Cancer Therapeutic
Del Gobbo, Giulia Genomic Profiling in the Placenta: Toward a Greater Understanding of Genetic Variation Contributing to Placental Insufficiency and Fetal Growth Restriction
Dever, Kristy A broader role for the RNAPII phosphatase, FCP1, in transcription regulation
Lin, Jennifer The pharmacogenomics of hepatitis C: optimizing efficacy and safety on treatment
Farag, Roula Molecular mechanisms of BAP1 mutations in uveal melanoma


Collins, Sorcha The role of the carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1A (CPT1A) p.P479L variant in Inuit infant and child health outcomes in Nunavut
Kadhim, Alexandre Investigating the role of transcriptional coactivator MED15 in beta cell maturation
Al Shekaili, Hilal Hamed Investigating vitamin B6-dependent epileptic encephalopathies in human patients and a mouse model
Dixon, Katherine Molecular characterization and genetic diagnosis of cancer predisposition syndromes using genome and transcriptome sequencing
Richard Albert, Julien Application of an allele-specific pipeline to study DNA methylation inheritance and dynamics in the early embryo
Jones, Samantha  Characterization of environmental and genetic factors in multiple-case lymphoid cancer families
Tam, Annie S. The conserved role of RNA splicing factors in genome maintenance
Urtatiz Gongora, Oscar  Oncogenic GNAQ and BRAF in epidermal versus non-epidermal melanocytes
Goodman, Sarah  Contributions of intrinsic and environmental factors to early life DNA methylation
Jain, Fagun Two novel genetically engineered mouse models for uveal melanoma with liver metastasis
Kwan, Harwood An investigation into the non-coding genomic landscape and effects of chemotherapeutics in pre-treated advanced cancers
Jensen, Kristoffer  HP1-mediated transcriptional silencing of ERVs and genes in mouse embryonic stem cells
Soundara Rajan, Jeffy Investigating mouse motor activity and learning behavior using quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis to elucidate the genetic underpinnings of developmental coordination disorder (DCD)
Gupta, Ishita  Spatiotemporal characterisation of some transcriptional signatures in early cerebellar development
Vermeulen, Michael  Improving and estimating Y chromosome loss in blood and brain tissues using high-throughput sequencing


Barbaian, Artem Endogenous retroviruses drive transcriptional innovation in human cancer
Peeters, Samantha Modelling human escape from X-chromosome inactivation in mouse
Konwar, Chaini Molecular profiling of acute chorioamnionitis-affected placentas: insights into genomic variation underlying a common preterm birth condition
Singh, Chaahat S. B. Mechanism underlying dysregulated cerebral vessel growth in Alzheimer’s disease
Hickmott, Jack rAAV9 mediated PAX6 gene transfer temporarily reverses corneal epithelial thinning in a mouse model of aniridia
Islam, Sumaiya Tissue-specific investigations on DNA methylation variation in human neurobiological diseases
McEwen, Lisa DNA methylation variation across the human life course
Wong, Chi Kin The role of p300 transcriptional coactivators in pancreatic beta cells
Porter, Vanessa Targeting Autophagy in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Through Inhibition of the Core Autophagy Protein ATG4B
Shomer, Naomi A Regulatory Mechanism of Zinc Homeostasis Involving the Mediator Subunit MDT-15 and the Transcription Factor HIZR-1


Chen, Carol Interphase Histone H3 Serine 10 Phosphorylation in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Cohen, Ana Detailed Phenotyping and Next-Generation Sequencing for Characterization of Rare Overgrowth Syndromes
Fam, Andrew Tyrosol-DNA Phosphodiesterase1 (TDP1): From Spinocerebellar Ataxia to Roles in Mitochondrial DNA Repair and Cancer Therapy
Kay, Christopher Population Genetics and Allele-Specific Silencing of the Huntington Disease Mutation
Lussier, Alexandre Andre Epigenetic Signatures of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Wilson, Samantha Genetic and Epigenetic Profiling of Placental Insufficiency: Identifying Biomarkers of Preeclampsia and Intrauterine Growth Restriction
Zhang, Peter Transcriptional Regulation in the Development of the Cerebellum and Cerebellar Granule Cells
Zhang, Regan-Heng The Lysine Methyltransferase EHMT2/G9a in Mesenchymal Development
Ellis, Samantha Introduction of the Antigen Presentation Machinery Using Novel Small Molecules
Hitchcock, Emma Next Generation Sequencing to Determine a Genetic Cause of Familial Intracranial Aneurysms
Little, Natasha Characterization of IAPLTR1 Subclasses and Bidirectional Promoter Activity: “Making Sense of it All”
Reytan, Sivan Identification of Cancer Relevant Synthetic Genetic Interactions with Cohesin Mutations in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Segovia Ugarte, Romulo Synthetic Hypermutation: Gene-Drug Mutation Rate Synergy Reveals a Translesion
Selmer, Laura Intracranial Manifestations in Neurofibromatosis 1
Szetzo, Rochelle Telomere Position Effect in Embryonic Stem Cells: Heterogeneity, Imprinting, and Modifier Screen
Turner, Kelly Assessment of a Potential Therapeutic Target in the Hedgehog Pathway for the Eradication of Primitive Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cells
Yuen, Michael Mapping Complex Genomic Translocations Using Strand-seq


Chung, George Chih Hsuen
Genetic Determinants of Genome Stability and Crossover Distribution in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Connolly, Colum Microglial Dysfunction Induced by Mutant Huntingtin
Dastan, Jila Exome Sequencing for Understanding Phenotypic Variability in Subjects with 16p11.2 CNV
Grants, Jennifer Roles of the Mediator Subunit CDK-8 in Developmental and Physiological Responses in Caenorhabditis elegans
Kaurah, Pardeep Hereditary Diffuse Gastric: Cancer Risk and the Personal Cost of Preventative Surgery
Ladha, Safia Impact of Caspase-6 Modulation on Huntington Disease Phenotypes in the YAC128 Mouse Model
Trinh, Joanne Identification of Genetic Modifiers in Lrrks2 Parkinsonism
Yeung, Joanna The Role of Pax6 and Wls in Rhombic Lip Compartmentation and Cerebellar Development
de Goede, Olivia Identifying Epigenetic Associations with Cell Type and Gestational Age in the Neonatal Immune System
Lee, Ka Young Functional Characterization of Gene Regulation by NHR-49
Pilsworth, Jessica Gene Expression and Mutation Profiles Define Novel Subclasses of Cytogenetically Normal Acute Myeloid Leukemia


DeSouza, Rebecca Characterization of the Huntingtin Gene Promoter and Huntingtin Transcriptional Regulation
Heppner, Jonathan Early Disruption of the Extracellular Matrix in Murine Mucopolysaccharidosis I
Lin, David Tse-Shen Characterization of Novel Regulatory Components in the Dynamic Protein Palmitolytion Cycle
Liu, Sheng Transcriptional Repression of Retrotransposons in Mouse Germline
Rothe, Katharina Characterization of Novel Therapeutic Targets in Chronic Meyloid Leukemia
Tharmarajah, Grace The Role of Adamts9 in Melanoblast Migration and Modification of the Skin Proteome
Thompson, Peter Transcriptional Silencing of Endogenous Retroviruses by the Novel Lysine Methytransferase Co-repressor hnRNP K
Ang, Sidney Identification and Characterization of Dosage Mutator Genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Huff, Ryan Generation and Characterization of a Lysine (K)-specific Methyltransferase 2D Knockout Human Cell Line


Esmailzadeh, Sharmin The role of BIN1 in the Regulation of Cell Proliferation, Apoptosis and Tumor Formation in Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
Jett, Kimberly Vascular Function in Neurofibromatosis 1
Lee, Joshua Multiple Sclerosis in Asian Populations : The Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Variable Susceptibility and Clinical Profile
Miller, Michelle Validation of Two Novel Mouse Models of Conditional Meis1 Deletion to Study Roles in Adult Mouse Hematopoiesis
Poon, Anna Fong-Yee Genetic Architecture of Neurogenesis in the Adult Mouse Forebrain: Insights from Quantitative Trait Locus Analyses
Billings, Raewyn Stimulating Human Tumour Heterogeneity using Cancer Cell Line Mixtures
Greenwood, Talitha Gene Discovery in Individuals from Families Indicative of Mendelian Forms of Late-Onset Alzheimer Disease
Huang, Jenny Li-Ying Ocular Melanocytes respond to Oncogenic GNAQQ209L differently compared to Epidermal and Dermal Melanocytes in Mice
Kaur, Achint The Role of Sterol 12α- hydroxylase (Cyp8b1) in Glucose Homeostasis
Lee, Jong Wook A Genome-Wide Association Study of Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss in Children
Moshgabadi, Noushin Identification of Synthetic Cytotoxic Interactions to Improve the Efficacy of DNA Damaging Therapeutic Agents
Tam, Annie Whole Genome Mutational Profiling of the Chemotherapeutic Agent Mitomycin C
Ye, Xin Mapping a New Locus for Non-Syndromic Strabismus with High-Throughput Genome Analysis


Baradaran-Heravi, Alireza Schimke Immuno-osseous Dysplasia: Association of SMARCAL1 Mutations with Genetics and Environmental Disturbances of Gene Expression
de Leeuw, Charles Development of Tools in Mouse for Future Gene Therapy: Promoters for the CNS, and Novel Expression Models of Neural Stem Cell Regulator, NR2E1
Hanna, Courtney Patterns of DNA Methylation on the Human X Chromosome and Use in Analyzing X-Chromosome Inactivation
MacIsaac, Julia Developmental Consequences of Imprinted Transcription at the Mest Locus
Mazarei, Gelareh Investigating the role of Indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase in Huntington disease
Blair, John  DNA methylation studies of preeclamsia and related conditions
Chapman, Andrew Transcriptional regulation of the XIST locus
Jacob, Karen The function of the imprinted transcription factor ASCL2 in mouse trophoblast development
Kelsey, Angela Mechanisms for XIST RNA cis-localisation
Stepien, Katarzyna Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Programs Steady-State Gene Expression and the Gene Expression Response to Inflammation in the Adult Rat Brain
Yoo, Janice The effects of cerebellar hemorrhage on the development of the postnatal cerebellum


Cotton, Allison Patterns of DNA Methylation on the Human X Chromosome and Use in Analyzing X-Chromosome Inactivation
Earp, Madalene Genetic Studies to Discover Common Variants Associated with Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Risk and Variation in Age of Natural Menopause
Kang, Martin Post-transcriptional Regulation of ABCA1
Minks, Jakub Role of XIST RNA and Its Interacting Protein Partners in Gene Silencing
Semaka, Alicia Genetic Counselling Implications for Intermediate Allele Predictive Test Results for Huntington Disease
Chowdhury, Miraj Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 (TDP1): A Rhabdomyosarcoma Therapeutic Target and Mitochondrial DNA Repair Enzyme
Chun, Stella Identification and validation of CDK13 interacting proteins
Fisher, Emily The Epidemiology of Huntington Disease in British Columbia
Fornika, Dan Mitochondrial Genome Variation and Healthy Aging
Lepage, Sarah Analysis of the Mechanism of Maintenance of the H3K27 Trimethylation Mark Using a Novel Chromatin Targeting System
Yang, Christine DNA methylation demonstrates spread of X-chromosome inactivation to human transgenes


Burston, Helen Genome-wide Analysis of Endocytic Recycling inS. cerevisiae
Deo, Mugdha Role of Nf1 Signaling in Regulating Pigmentation in Mice
Lee, Connie The role of imprinted genes in mouse models of IUGR
Leung, Danny Transcriptional Silencing of Endogenous Retroviruses: Interplay Between Histone H3K9 Methylation and DNA Methylation
McLellan, Jessica A Cross Species Approach to Identify Potential Therapeutic Targets through Synthetic Lethal Interactions
Oh-McGinnis, Rosemary Regulation of Genomic Imprinting in the Mouse Placenta
Yuen, Ryan Epigenetics of Human Fetal and Placental Development
Zahir, Farah
The Pathogenicity of Copy Number Variants in Children with Intellectual Disability
Brind’Amour, Julie Analysis of the Mechanism of Maintenance of the H3K27 Trimethylation Mark Using a Novel Chromatin Targeting System
Decker, Michelle Telomere Length and Dynamics in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome
Miceli, Katharine Who’s the Boss? An Investigation into the Complex Relationship between Endogenous Retroviruses and Nearby Genes
Sekulovic, Sanja Analysis of the Mechanism of Maintenance of the H3K27 Trimethylation Mark Using a Novel Chromatin Targeting System


Alwan, Sura Risk Assessment of Birth Defects in Human Pregnancy
Degeer, Donna Characterization of a Novel Fluorescent Reporter of Genomic Imprinting in the Mouse
Gallo, Marco Misc/OCG is a New Stress Response Gene and Regulator of Apoptosis, Germline Stem Cell Proliferation and Insulin Secretion
Jensen, Victor Novel Components of the Dauer Larva Developmental Signaling Pathway in Caenorhabditis elegans
Schuetz, Johanna Genetic Variation in Lymphocyte Life and Death Genes and Risk of non-Hodgkin Lymphomas
Jones, Meaghan XIST/Xist Induced Epigenetic Events in Somatic Cells
Long, Michael Development of Strategies to Enhance the Contribution of Hematopoietic Cells to Skeletal Muscle Repair.
Morrissy, Anca Bioinformatic Analysis of Cis-Encoded Antisense Transcription
Pouladi, Mahmoud On the Modulation of Excitotoxicity as a Therapeutic Approach for the Treatment of Huntington Disease
Thorogood, Nancy XIST/Xist Induced Epigenetic Events in Somatic Cells
Vrljicak, Pavel Genomic Analysis of Embryonic Heart Development in the Mouse
Young, Fiona The Biology and Expression of Huntingtin-Interacting Protein 14
Bourque, Danielle Imprinted Genes in the Placenta and Obstetrical Complications
Degeer, Donna Characterization of a Novel Fluorescent Reporter of Genomic Imprinting in the Mouse
Hirukawa, Alison The role of SHIP1 in modulating disease severity in the K/BxN serum transfer model of rheumatoid arthritis
Huang, Jim  The characterization of atm-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans
Lohn, Zoe A New Role for the Tumour Suppressor, lin-35, During Meiotic Recombination in Caenorhabditis elegans
Ngai, Tiffany The Low-density Lipoprotein Receptor Knock-out Mouse: A Model for the Study of Energy Balance
Plamondon, Jenna Genetic and Epigenetic Factors in a Mouse Model for Multifactorial Cleft Lip
Thiele, Jenny Generation and characterization of embryonic stem cell lines derived from the YAC128 mouse model of Huntington disease


Chang, Samuel Identification and characterization of cis-acting regulatory elements for human XIST
Griffith, Malachi Methods for Transcript Variant Discovery and Alternative Expression Analysis – Application to the Study of Fluorouracil Resistance in Colorectal Cancer
Haddon, Jamie Mast cells : homeostatic regulation, activation, gene expression, surface antigens, and role in allergic disease
Lam, Karen The role of palmitoylation in endoplasmic reticulum transport and quality control of the yeast polytopic protein Chs3
Pugh, Trevor Analysis of primary human cancers: from single genes to whole transcriptomes
Wong, Bibiana Evaluating the Effects of Variable NR2E1 Levels on Gene Expression, Behaviour, and Neural and Ocular Development
Borrie, Adrienne A mutational screen of NR2E1 in patients with Aniridia, Peters’ Anomaly, and related eye disorders.
Riendeau, Noemie Autism Spectrum Disorders: Identification of Novel Microdeletions and Microduplications and their Associated Phenotypes
Tkac, Jan Detection of Telomeric DNA Circles in Human ALT Cells Using Rolling Circle Amplification
Toub, Omid Initial characterization and Intracellular localization of two suppressors of position effect variegation in Drosophila melanogaster, S2214 and puckered


Bretherick, Karla Genetic factors in premature ovarian failure
Griffith, Obi Identification of gene expression changes in human cancer using bioinformatic approaches
Rouhi, Arefeh A role for epigenetic modifications in the maintenance of mouse Ly49 receptor expression
Ryan, Jane A Genome-Wide Linkage Scan and Targeted Family-Based Association Analysis of Dyslexia
Elves, Rachel Consequences of mitotic loss of heterozygosiy on genomic imprinting in mouse embryonic stem cells
Kennah, Erin Identification of differentially expressed genes in AHL-1-mediated leukemic transformation in human cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
Koochek, Maryam Sub-microscopic chromosomal imbalances in idiopathic autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Mazarei, Gelareh Identification of Novel Striatal-Enriched Transcripts and their Analysis in Huntington Disease
Miller, Shelley Development of embryonic stem cells expressing endogenous levels of a fluorescent protein fused to the telomere binding protein TRF1
Wagner, Laura Silencing mutant huntington by RNA interference for the treatment of Huntington disease


Bakovic, Silvia Ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem cells for use in nonmyeloablative transplantation
Brunham, Liam The impact of genetic variation in ABCA1 on cholesterol metabolism, atherosclerosis and diabetes
Tarailo, Maja Spindle assembly checkpoint and chromosome stability in Caenorhabditis elegans
Youds, Jillian Roles of the DOG-1 and JRH-1 helicase-like proteins in DNA repair in Caenorhabditis elegans
Harbord, Sara X Chromosome Abnormalities in Breast and Ovarian Cancer


Graham, Rona In vivo characterization of caspase resistant huntingtin: Insights into the pathogenic mechanism of Huntington disease
Kumar, Ravinesh Ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem cells for use in nonmyeloablative transplantation
Mar, Lynn Role of TGIF in cell cycle control and establishment of laterality
Nielsen, Julie The role of podocalyxin in adhesion and cell morphogenesis
Tucker, Tracy Pathogenesis of neurofibromatosis 1 associated neurofibromas
Yuen, Karen Identification and characterization of chromosome instability mutants in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and implications to human cancer
Randall, Derrick Identification of a Serum Biomarker for Mucopolysaccharidosis
Sipahimalani, Payal Variation in ATM and genetic susceptibility to non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Quint, Desiree Aberrant Hypermethylation of Xq12 in Lymphoma
Wu, Joyce YB-1 is a Downstream Component of the PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway and Regulates EGFR in Breast Carcinoma: A Mechanism for Breast Cancer Growth


Cheng, Benjamin Identificaton of novel factors required for chromosome segregation in budding yeast
Cheung, Iris Instability of G-rich DNA in Caenorhabditis elegans
Gair, Jane Genetic mechanismss of nondisjunction in humans
Gurevich, Rhonna Functional analysis of the NUP98- Topoisoerase 1 (NUP98-TOP1) fusion gene in the pathogenesis of leukemia
Murray, Angus Functional genomics of the A600 locus in Leishmania mexicana
Pleasance, Erin Identification and analysis of programmed cell death genes in Drosophila melanogaster and human cancer using bioinformatic analysis of gene expression data
Van Raamsdonk, J. Characterization and treatment of mouse models in Huntington disease
Schnerch, Angelique Analysis of Undifferentiated Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Using Serial Analysis of Gene Expression
Hoscheit, Julia Multifactorial genetics of exencephaly in the SELH/Bc mouse strain
Yen, Ziny Comparative sudies of X inactivation within Eutheria


Dickstein, Dara The Role of Inflammation and amyloid beta in Alzeimer Disease Pathology


Chopra, Vikramjit The HIP1 family of cytoskeletal-associated proteins
Chow, Jennifer XIST and its role in X-chromosome inactivation
Chu, Pak-Yan (Pat) Effect of c-kit and flt-3 overexpression on primitive hematopoietic cells
Penaherrera, Maria X-chromosome inactivation pattern in human extraembryonic and fetal tissues
Russell, Chris Transgenic expression of human alpha-L-iduronidase in mouse and characterization of the long term pathophysiology of murine alpha
Wilhelm, Brian The genomic organization and transcriptional regulation of natural killer receptor genes
Lee, Tsz Kin Bioinformatic analysis on NF1 transcriptional regulation


Anderson, Cathy Variable X inactivation of the human TIMP1 gene
Faulkes, Sharlene Site-directed integration using the Cre/lox system in hematopoietic and embryonic stem cells
Kwok, Ed XIST and macroH2A1.2 in hybrid cells


Szudek, Jacek Analysis of variable expressivity in Neurofibromatosis
Parker, Jodey The Caenorhabditis elegans homologue of huntingtin interacting protein 1 has multiple roles in development


Moslehi, Roxana Genetic studies of ovarian cancer in Jewish women


Hodgson, John Production and characterization of YAC transgenic mice expressing the normal and mutant Huntington’s disease gene
Bruskiewich, R. Genetic mapping, functional analysis and bioinformatics of Werner syndrome locus (WRN)


Gagne, Eric Identification and the relationship between mutations in the lipoprotein lipase gene, dyslipidemia and coronary heart disease
Nelson, Tanya Molecular and genetic analysis of human 8p inversion duplication chromosomes
Kowalski, Paul Novel genetic effects of a human endogenous retrovirus inserion


Ginzinger, David Lipoprotein lipase deficiency in a colony of domestic cats


Pawliuk, Robert Growth properties and genetic manipulation of murine hemopoietic stem cells


Biaoyang, Lin Cloning and characterization of genes in the proximal candidate region for the Huntington disease in mouse and human