Laura Evgin

Assistant Professor
Scientist, Genome Sciences Department, BC Cancer Research

Dr Evgin’s research interests lie within the emerging and promising field of cancer biotherapeutics and focus on the development of CAR T and oncolytic viro-immunotherapies. The main goal of her research program is to better understand how CAR T treatment is shaped by therapeutic or adventitious infections, and to use genetic engineering strategies such as CRIPSR-Cas9 to edit CAR T cells to optimally perform in combination with oncolytic viruses.

Project 1. Genetic engineering of CAR T cells to be inflammation resistant

Project 2. Utilization of the TCR specificity of CAR T cells to amplify therapeutic potential


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Dr Laura Evgin completed her PhD in the lab of Dr. John Bell at the University of Ottawa (2015) where she studied how neutralizing antibodies and complement limit the systemic delivery of oncolytic viruses. Building on her virotherapy expertise, she moved to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to undertake a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Richard Vile where she evaluated how oncolytic viruses (OVs) can be used to amplify the reach of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) modified T cells. As part of this work, she characterized how OVs generate tumor microenvironmental changes which are both helpful and deleterious to CAR T therapy.