DNA Repair & Genome Stability

Characterization of the stem cell state and its control by comparative global gene expression and proteomics analyses.

Molecular biology of eukaryotic chromosome transmission, cancer therapeutics, model organism and human disease.

Our research focus is on the role of genome instability in aging and cancer. For these studies we have developed powerful single cell DNA template strand sequencing technique (Strand-seq). See: https://www.bccrc.ca/dept/tfl/people/peter-m-lansdorp

Genomics, bioinformatics, cancer biology, genetics, epigenetics

Computational biology, cancer genomics, single cell sequencing, statistical machine learning, tumour evolution.


Genome maintenance, DNA repair, RNA processing, DNA replication stress, Chromatin Remodelling, Stress responses, Protein quality control, Genotoxins, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Mutation Signatures.

Telomere and telomerase biology, inherited bone marrow failure syndromes, X-linked inheritance, cancer risk and therapeutics.