Apply to the Program

Application Deadline

During the period between Dec. 17 and Jan. 3, the program’s office will be closed. If you are an applicant or referee and are having issues with the application system please contact:

The application deadline is January 9 of each year for all applicants.
Please note that the online application system opens on October 31 of each year for all applicants.

Invitations to interview will be sent via email the first week of February.  Interviews for Sept. 2018 will be held the first two weeks of March 2018.

Unsuccessful applicants may request feedback beginning May 2018.

Application Process & Materials

All application documents, including referee letters, are accepted electronically. Your referees will be contacted directly by the online application system and asked to provide their reference once you have submitted your application. You will be prompted to upload your documents (except referee letters) during the application process. You can upload your documents once you have submitted your application but you can not change the entries in the application itself. Please note that you may be asked to produce hard copies of your documents at a later date.

Applicant files are kept for two application cycles unless there has been a re-application.

New Applicants

You will be asked to upload the following documents during the application process (PDF format preferred). You cannot upload your documents once you have submitted your application. Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the documents are readable and in the requested format.

Please be aware that you will not be able to delete a document once it has been uploaded. If you must upload an updated document please distinguish it from the earlier version(s) with a different file name, for example: Transcript2.pdf. Otherwise, only the first document will be selected for review.

A 2-3 page personal essay, describing why you are applying to a genetic counselling program. Include how a career in genetic counselling would meet your personal goals and how your past training and experiences have prepared you for this program.
Please note: Introductions that do not meet the formatting requirements listed below will not be reviewed.

Formatting Requirements:

    • Double spaced
    • Minimum 12 point font
    • One inch margins
    • Include your first and last name in the header or footer of each page



      • A single* page CV (resume) outlining your academic, volunteer and work experiences. Dates should be included.


      • *If multiple pages are submitted, only the first page will be reviewed.




      • Three letters of reference. These must be personal letters from individuals who are familiar with your work, academic abilities, volunteer experience and/or personal attributes. It is suggested that you obtain:

        • One letter from an academic reference.
        • One letter from an individual who can comment on your counselling and communication skills.
        • One letter from a reference of your choice.

Referees will be contacted directly by the system once you have submitted your application. Do not upload the letters yourself.