Graduate Program

The Department of Medical Genetics offers Master of Science and PhD research-focused, thesis-based degree programs, attracting students  from Canada and around the world. Trainees conduct research in laboratories affiliated with the University of British Columbia, an institution that consistently ranks among the world’s best universities. UBC is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the world’s most livable cities.


Research faculty in the Department of Medical Genetics are at the forefront of their fields employing cutting edge genetic, epigenetic, genomic and bioinformatic methodologies to gain insight into diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative and neurological disorders, and other genetic diseases. Researchers in the Department are highly interactive and collaborate with local, national, and international colleagues, which further enriches the research experience for trainees.

Areas of Research Include:

Individual labs conduct clinical and/or translational research and basic experimental research engaging a wide variety of approaches including the use of model organisms such as mice, flies (D. melanogaster), worms (C. elegans), and yeast (S. cerevisiae).