UBC has switched to a new student system called Workday for the 2024/25 academic year starting September. Follow online tutorials for how to use Workday.


TERM 1 (September-December 2024):

NOTE: Some syllabi for 2024W are pending.

TERM 2 (January-April 2024):

TERMS 1 & 2 (September-April 2024):

Program Requirements and Expectations

  • MSc students: 18 credits – core courses (MEDG 520, 530, 548) and electives plus thesis course, MEDG 549 (12 credits) for a total of 30 credits.
  • PhD students (BSc entry): 18 credits – core courses (MEDG 520, 530, 548) and electives plus thesis course, MEDG 649.
  • PhD students (MSc entry): generally 18 credits – core courses (MEDG 520, 530, and 548) and electives, plus thesis course MEDG 649. One elective (3 credits) may be waived based on previous similar coursework with permission from the Supervisor and the Graduate Advisor.
  • MSc and PhD students in the Medical Genetics Graduate Program are expected to obtain a grade of 75% or higher in each of the core courses MEDG 520, 530, and 548.
  • Students lacking the statistics (biometrics) requirement may be required to make up this deficiency during their first year in addition to the required graduate course load.
  • Incoming MSc and PhD students must complete courses during the first two terms of their program. Students required to take additional courses after their first year (including auditing a course) must receive permission from their Supervisor, the Supervisory Committee, and the Medical Genetics Graduate Advisor.


  • Students must consult with their research supervisor prior to registering in elective courses.
  • Students register for elective courses through the Student Service Centre (SSC).
  • Students may take up to six credits of undergraduate courses (300 and 400 level, MEDG and non-MEDG courses).
  • MEDG graduate students may opt to take a non-MEDG graduate elective that is relevant to their research.
  • Students registering for non-MEDG (undergraduate and graduate) courses should contact the department offering the course directly as early registration may be required to secure a seat in such courses.
  • MEDG 545 is a two-term, 3-credit course for first year students. Journal Clubs are attended by students, post doctoral fellows and faculty. Students email the Journal Club Coordinator for permission to attend, then forward the email to for registration.

Non-Medical Genetics Students:

  • Non-Medical Genetics students may take MEDG 545 (Journal Club) with permission from their Supervisor and the Journal Club Coordinator.
  • Non-Medical Genetics students may take MEDG 548 (Directed Studies) if their supervisor has an appointment in the Department of Medical Genetics.
  • Undergraduates may take MEDG 448 (Directed Studies) under the supervision of a Medical Genetics faculty supervisor. Please contact potential research supervisors directly.
  • Non-Medical Genetics students taking MEDG 448 / 548 / 545 submit a “Permission to Register Form“.