Teaching Assistant Positions

The Department of Medical Genetics has part-time Teaching Assistant (TA) positions available for the following courses:

Term I:

MEDG 419 – Developmental Origin of Human Disorders

MEDG 420 – Human Genomics and Medical Genetics

MEDG 520 – Advanced Human Molecular Genetics

Term II:

MEDG 421 – Genetics and Cell Biology of Cancer

MEDG 505 – Genome Analysis

MEDG 530 – Human Genetics

Job Descriptions for Teaching Assistant Positions in Medical Genetics 2020-2021 (2020W):

Qualifications:  Graduate students are eligible to apply. Preference is given to students enrolled in the Medical Genetics and Genetic Counselling Graduate Programs. Top criteria for choosing TAs is experience/competence in the course material.

Duties:  May include attending lectures, grading reports and exams, holding tutorials and group review sessions, posting course information on Canvas, and helping students on an individual basis, with specific weekly office hours provided when necessary.  Some positions may also involve maintaining or improving web pages.

Hours per Week and Salaries (salary updates pending Spring 2020):

PhD students – GTA I; MSc students – GTA II

MEDG 520: five hours per week x 16 weeks (80 hours total). Salary: $662.00/month (GTA I); and $637.02/month (GTA II).

MEDG 419, 420, 505: nine hours per week x 16 weeks (144 hours total). Salary: $1,191.60/month (GTA I); and $1,146.64/month (GTA II).

MEDG 421 and 530: eleven hours per week x 16 weeks (176 hours total). Salary: $1,456.40/month (GTA I); and $1,401.45/month (GTA II)

Locations:  MEDG 419, 420, 421, 505 are located on the UBC campus. MEDG 520 classes are held at UBC and Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of BC (C&W). MEDG 530 is held at C&W.

Note:  The Medical Genetics Graduate Program encourages each graduate student to TA once during their graduate career and thus encourages supervisors to not reduce the student’s stipend the first time they TA.  Whether funds from subsequent TA positions are considered “part of” or “in addition to” a student’s stipend is at the discretion of the individual research supervisor and is to be discussed between the student and the supervisor before the student accepts a TA position.  The decision to apply for a TA position should be discussed with, and approved by, the student’s research supervisor, and the supervisor is to sign the student’s application form.

Application Deadline: TBA 2020

MEDG TA Application Form 2020W (Pending): Please email your completed application form and current curriculum vitae to Cheryl Bishop, Medical Genetics Graduate Program Assistant, at medical.genetics@ubc.ca.

UBC hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment equity. We encourage all qualified applicants to apply.