MSC AND PHD APPLICANTS – Canadian, Permanent Residents (PR) and International

Do NOT apply unless you expect to receive your final grades by MAY 15th. 

Application Opens: December 1st

Application Closes: February 1st

  • MSc and PhD applicants do not require the commitment of a supervisor before applying for the September-start.
  • Canadian and PR undergraduates applying in the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s competition must submit their Medical Genetics admissions applications by Monday, December 9, 2019 in order to be included in the for the CGS Master’s competition (UBC). NOTE: You only need to submit your  admissions application by December 9th. References for your admissions application are due by the February deadline.
  • If you are currently in a degree program, you must submit your first term grades by or before February 1st.
  • International applicants MUST submit a current TOEFL / IELTS score by February 1st.
  • References are due by or before February 14th.
  • MSc and PhD applicants ranked admissible by the Admissions Committee must secure the commitment of a Research Supervisor by JUNE 1ST.


January-start is not available for MSc applicants.

PHD APPLICANTS – Canadian, Permanent Residents (PR) and International:

The JANUARY-start PhD applicant must receive the commitment of a research supervisor (email proof of commitment from the proposed supervisor to the Medical Genetics Program Assistant) by the application deadline. The applicant must also meet all the application requirements and be deemed admissible by the Admissions Committee before an offer of admission will be made.

Do NOT apply unless you expect to receive your final grades by JUNE 15th.

Application Opens: March 15th

Application Closes: April 15th

September and January applicants must submit: Letter of Interest (Intent); Curriculum Vitae; ALL post-secondary transcripts (for in-progress and completed degree programs) including a grading key; and a TOEFL/IELTS score (if applicable) by the application deadline, otherwise your application is considered incomplete and will be declined.